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The markets wait for no one, and when decisions that are bigger than a single position need to be made, you need your entire portfolio at your fingertips wherever you are. Guided by the same principles of cross-platform and mobile-first accessibility, we are working on a Portfolio Management System (PMS) that offers a bird's eye view of your portfolio across all open positions and assets. Need to execute a trade to quickly re-orient the book? Full integration into our EMS makes structural adjustments possible from your fingertips.

Of course, not every moment in the market is an emergency. And our understanding of a portfolio manager's workflow again informs our design decisions. While the mobile offering is designed for a quick, prompt reaction while on the move, moving to the web/desktop interface opens up the full suite of operational tools: from staging trades to pre-trade compliance to booking them, from risk assessments to performance analysis, from sending trade allocations to brokers to submitting trade reports via our integrated Automated Reporting Tool.

From the high-pressure decision points to the day-to-day operational routines, our aim is to provide you and your team with the tools to best do what you need to do at any point in time, whether at your desk or on the road.

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