What makes us tick?


Years of combined experience with a deep understanding of technology and financial services.

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We started this business because no one could give us what we needed.

We've always approached business from first principles, rather than blindly accepting that the way things have been done is the way they will continue to be. Technology evolves, and the way people go about their business changes - engaging in a regulated business doesn't mean one cannot innovate.

On the contrary, innovation is critical in keeping up with growing business and regulatory requirements. We're not "vendors" by background - we were their clients.

When COVID hit and we were forced to work remotely, it became immediately obvious that none of the incumbent software providers had an offering that was built for work outside an office environment. Neither did they appear to have any intention to seriously create such an offering because it was just too profitable to keep doing what they did. Because they couldn't give us what we needed, we've taken it into our own hands and built it ourselves.

Embrace the ease and efficiency of our modern trading and reporting solutions. We designed them to explicitly target the pain points we suffer on a daily basis, pain points that we share with many other investment managers.




This is our ethos at Nachas Networks. While many streamline by cutting corners, we've meticulously crafted a platform that’s user-friendly and retains its powerful essential functionality. Cost-effective and open to a wider range of traders, we're breaking barriers without sacrificing security and compliance.

Bring Institutional Trading to the 21th Century