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In an era defined by its fast pace and the necessity for real-time actions, Nachas has pioneered an unmatched mobile trading experience. Our platform has been meticulously designed to combine the robustness of a desktop system with the agility of a mobile interface. Each feature has been optimised for touch screens, ensuring that traders can effortlessly navigate markets and execute trades with the same precision and speed they would on a traditional workstation.

But the true magic lies in our synchronised multi-device functionality. Imagine sending an order from your desktop at the office, and as you transition to a meeting across town, seamlessly picking up right where you left off on your mobile or tablet. This real-time synchronisation ensures  that you're always connected to the pulse of the market, no matter where you  are or which device you're using. With Nachas, the world is your trading floor.

Are you compatible with my existing PMS/OMS set up?
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What kind of trading can I do?
Can you support different brokers’ complex execution suites?
What algorithms are available?
Trading with algorithms is complicated – can I use your product for simple trading?
How do you ensure security on your connections?
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